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About the Film About the Film

The zombie apocalypse has begun, and it is up to a group of four unlikely and unwitting citizens to become superheroes and stop the forces of evilÖif their bad habits donít kill them first!

An award-winning, tongue-in-cheek, light-hearted but brutal journey, Avengers of the Apocalypse provides the return to entertaining horror that fans have been craving for years. It is a fiercely independent series of interlocking episodic zombie comedies with a penchant for over the top characters, situations, and comedic violence. It is currently in post production of it's second episode, with numerous subsequent chapters in the pipeline.

Avengers of the Apocalypse started with Zombabies, a single successful independent short film taking place in a baby nursery during the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse. It stars Heather Del Rio, Sue Rock, Heath Allyn and Gabriel Lopez. It is a short little gem that we loved to create, and it received very positive reviews from websites and festivals.

And then things evolved...

Immediately following production on Zombabies, writer/director Justin Warren teamed up with his colleague and fellow writer Jason Matthews to create an additional installment, Hazmat J and the Birth of the Apocalypse. This film is an epic prequel/spinoff that chronicles the origins of the outbreak, and the misadventures of our titular character, J. It takes place before and during the events of Zombabies. If Zombabies were our zombie-comedy-slasher, this is our zombie-comedy-comic book hero flick.

Hazmat J has been turning out splendidly and it has opened a world of previously unseen doors in our minds. There is so much more room to explore in further episodes. There will be a total of eight featured episodes and several micro-episodes, and they will all be organized into a non-linear episodic feature.

The first four chapters, Zombabies and Hazmat J included, are concurrent interlocking stories that all take place in the same world during the same outbreak. Each chapter introduces a new hero, and each chapter is a different style of zombie-comedy tailored to each character. The next chapters are an action-exploitation revenge thriller for Miss Stiles, the nursery owner, and a noir-thriller for Kenneth Fulci, the Channel 7 news reporter.

Everything has been planned very carefully, down to each hour of the outbreak. The fifth chapter marks the formation of the group, and then a trilogy of sequel chapters (the sixth, seventh and eighth) will conclude the epic story...or will it?