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Upcoming Shoots

Currently in Production:

NOTE: THE POSITIONS FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR THE 7/22 SHOOT HAS REACHED IT'S CAPACITY. If you've received a response email by now, we'll see you at the shoot! Thank you SOOOOO much for your amazing dedication!! What on earth would we do without you guys???

We have a ZOMBIE CALL for Tuesday July 22nd at 10:00 AM! This will be an easy day, compared to the recent action packed extravaganzas, but the scene will be great. It features a terrific Zombabies crossover. The zombie crew should be done around 1:30 to 2:00. If it's possible to bring more than one shirt you don't mind getting dirty, please do, as we may create a green screen composite shot making it look like there are a LOT of zombies.

We will meet at the intersection of East Riverside and Travis Heights Blvd. We will be filming on Travis Heights, a residential street.

Here's a map.

UPDATED LOCATION INFO: We will be setting up base at the intersection of Travis Heights Blvd and Bonham, which is just about a block or two south of Riverside. Please PARK on Bonham.

Please RSVP to

If you've never been a zombie before in one of our episodes, please join us! And don't forget to read the "Join the Undead" section before you show up! See you there!